Niki and Sofinka is unique children’s entertainment brand dedicated to promoting human virtues, family values, health and wellbeing in joyful way. Created by parents on 1st June 2013, published first music videos in July /August 2013 starring their children. To this date the music videos has been already seen on YouTube by more than 140 000 children aired in over 170 countries throughout the world. Niki and Sofinka together and individually represent positive uplifting little children’s characters living in modern world featured as role model for children showing them the positive, caring and human approach to life. Music videos and lyrics of songs are consciously written to pass over the message of virtues such as : kindness, care, gentleness, sharing, joy, happiness, joyfulness, tolerance, humanity and many more at YouTube channel Niki and Sofinka -The most beautiful songs for children by Play.Learn.Enjoy. They are followed by people all around the world regardless of age, sex, race, or nationality where Niki and Sofinka, little children, are ambassadors of kindness and friendship who speak with a language above and beyond words expressing their feelings of friendship, love, gratitude, and caring.

Play.Learn.Enjoy is publisher of Niki and Sofinka’s songs and music videos targeted for preschool and school age children.
Play.Learn.Enjoy. as a licensor of charaters Niki and Sofinka is launching whole new range of educational and entertaining children’s related products for all occasion such as : educational books, booklets, song/music books, stationery, school supplies, bags, accessories, room decor, clothing, shoes etc all carrying tender and gentle message of our songs.

If you are interested to become part of our team and help us the spread the tender message in your country, please write to us!
We are happy to publish the music videos with your language subtitles. 

Appel to all teachers: Please feel free to use our songs for children in your nursery, preschool, kindergarten, school or other facilities. We will be pleased to get any feedback from you.

Current information and achievements:

To date, we published 3 collections of children’s songs, a total of 18 songs and 2 extra songs. On Youtube we have 43music videos of which half is with Czech subtitles. All songs and music videos in form of CD audio and DVD are for saleon our website in section ” Store” in main menu.
(www.NikiSofinka.com/store and www.PlayLearnEnjoy.com/store)

The first and second collection is also for sale on iTunes, Amazon and all major children website music stores worldwide.

Our third collection will be on iTunes, Amazon and other webside music stores available in the January 2014.

The song “Friendship” from the collection 2 will be released on CD compilation called Die Kinder Party Hitparade 2013( German Children Party Hitparade 2013) on 20th December 2013 on iTunes as the only non-german song.


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