We are small group of parents (movement of parents) who wants to pass over to their children the most important values/virtues such as: Love, Kindness, Peace, Tolerance, Goodness, Gratitude, Empathy, Sincerity, Mercy, Dignity, Trust, Patience, Compassion, Joy, Happiness, Humility, Family and Friend values, and many more using songs for children as a tool. Through our songs and music videos with tender characters Niki and Sofinka we would like to spread the message of the deepest human wisdom, human need for kindness and positive thinking to the rest of the world.

Songs are consciously written to pass over the message of kindness, joy and humanity. The lyrics are very beneficial for children healthy psychological development. Singing and repetition of our songs create at children mind positive thoughts towards themselves and others, creating positive feeling and behaviour.  Positive information in form of loving, uplifting, joyful emotions, convictions and thoughts has calming and healing impact on human body and mind. They are food for the soul and medicine for body to all age groups, that is why our children songs we call also EDUCATIONAL AND HEALING SONGS.

We are songwriters, home video makers, music composers and designers. Our music is inspired by new interpretation of old Slavic folk melodies. The lyrics are original and written by our group. Lyrics are conciously written to promote mental, psychological and emotional well-being of children. Our video is composed of real home-made family videos, featuring our children Niki, Sofinka and their friends.

It is very beneficial to play and sing our songs with children on frequent basis: at bed time, in the car when driving, while resting, playing etc
Also helps to explain to children the profound meaning behind the lyrics of the our songs to get the most benefit out of it.

We wish to spread to our positive, uplifting and very powerful message to all who share with us the same values. If you like our message please spread the word about us and our activites to all your friends.:-)
Sing along with us to make positive changes in our lives.


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